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Administration in Kancheepuram

It is said that what makes a city good or bad place to live in is its governance, and the statement is not all wrong. Any country which wants to prosper must have a good administration, by administration we means everything must be according to the system, the system which is made by the government chosen by us and we abide by them for our own good and society as a whole. Being a famous tourist city, Kancheepuram is also expected to have a good administration and it has too, which makes life easier for the citizens as well the tourist visiting the place and it creates a positive image on the whole world.

Kanchipuram City

Kancheepuram city is the head quarter for the district which also has the same name. Kancheepuram district is divided into three revenue divisions which consist of 10 taluks with 1,214 villages. The Kancheepuram district is divided into 13 development blocks with 648 village panchayats. Kancheepuram city is governed by Kancheepuram municipality which was established in 1866. It was given the status of special grade since February, 2008.

Taluks in Kancheepuram District

044 27422418

044 27531144

044 27222776

044 27445072

044 27162231

044 27447494

044 22248080

044 27447494

044 27552445

044 27272230

Kancheepuram municipality looks after the needs and governance of Kancheepuram city. Kancheepuram municipality has 51 ward councilors out of which 15 are female councilors. The wards are headed by an elected Chairperson who is assisted by a deputy Chairperson. The area of Kancheepuram municipality is 36.14 Sq.Km with a population of 1,64,265 as per the 2011 census. The Kancheepuram administration is divided into six departments for the ease of functioning, they are - General Administration/Personnel department, Revenue department, Accounts department, Engineering department, Town planning department and public health department. Municipal commissioner is the head of all the department and is the final decision maker.

Some of the duties performed by Kancheepuram Municipality are sanitation, water supply, education, public health, roads, bridges, health care facilities, law and order etc.

Administration in Kancheepuram

Contact details of  Kancheepuram Municipality:

Address: Kancheepuram Municipality , 53, Annai Indira Gandhi Street Kancheepuram 631501
Telephone: 044 27222801, 044 27223593
Email address:

Some important contacts in Kancheepuram administration:

Address: No.4/99,Sekkupettai Nadu Theru, Kanchipuram
044 27231222

Vice Chairman
Address: No.286, Sengazhuneerodai Street, Kanchipuram
044 27224035

044 27222801

Municipal Commissioner
044 27223593

Municipal Engineer
044 27222650

Municipal Health Officer
044 27222982

Town Planning Officer
044 27222801

044 27222801

Revenue Officer       

District Collector
044 27237433, 044 27238478

Additional Collector
Thiru N. Arul Jothi Arasan MA.
044 27237153, 044 27238651, 044 27223353
District Revenue Officer

Thiru M.Sambathkumar B.Sc
044 27237945, 044 27238955

Personal Assistant (General)
Selvi. A. Meena Priya Dharshini
044 27237789

Revenue Divisional Officer
Thiru D.Chandran  
044 27237081,044 27237782

Thiru P. Viswanathan (INC)

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    SAMUEL MUTHIAHRAJ from Kancheepuram 717 Days ago

    In Kancheepuram the whole town is being encroached with unapproved buildings and also with the buildings against the rules.All the platforms,roads and streets are not with the length and breadth of the approved plans.Is there not even a single officer concerned to take proper steps boldly.We get our monthly salary fully,properly and regularly.But do we establish our duties fully.Without car parking areas all the buildings are built up and in that place we allow to build shops.Is it a genuine one.God is noticing every thing. The link road to Ottakkooththar street of Mamallan Nagar from Vallalaar street Min Nagar has been blocked by educated and well income holders.Both the Panchayat and Municipality never bother about encroachments happening in Kancheepuram but they fill up their pockets by that.In Mahendarapallavan street of Mamallan Nagar the Municipality itself has built a sewage water pumping station and a Motor room in the middle of the street itself which causes traffic jam as well as mosquito breeding. In the same street near Mamallan Matric school a sewage water canal up to Plot No B22 has been built up encroaching the road i.e shortening the breath of the road and the dirty water gets stagnated in that water canal and upto Plot No B23 the water spreads like anything and a ditch opposite to Plot No B24 has been formed by manual efforts.At the eastern terminal side of Mahendarapallavan St and KTS Mani Street the connecting road has been blocked and also the nearby open area has been encroached by a political background.Why r all sleeping by slipping the encroachments. Near Pachayappas Hr Se School the four way roads have been converted by the police as a single way in order to minimize their duties and to satisfy many shopkeepers as they get much from the concerned. Is it fair on the part of the officials and the politicians to keep quiet though they see so many illegal things.Rajaji Market has become a place of congestion and people who come to buy vegetables

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  • S
    Sadhusanthanam from Kanchipuram 1050 Days ago

    Not satisfied

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