About Kancheepuram

Kancheepuram is surrounded by Bay of Bengal in the east, Chennai district in the north, Vellore district in the west and Villupuram district in the south. Kancheepuram is located on the banks of River Vegavathi, a tributary of Palar river at an elevation of 83m above mean sea level (MSL). Kancheepuram derives its name from two words “kanchee” and “puram”. According to the ancient belief Kanchee is a holy city where the famous Goddess Parvati is worshipped as Goddess “Kamakshi” and “puram” means “within this body, within this form”, so the city Kancheepuram is considered as a body and Goddess Kamakshi resides in this body or in this form.

Apart from being the house of Hindu temples, Kancheepuram is also is famous among Jains and Buddhists. It is said that Kancheepuram played an important role in spreading Buddhism and Jainism during 1st to 5th century to South east Asia.

Administration of Kancheepuram

Kancheepuram city was established in November, 1886 and is one of the Taluks in Kancheepuram district. The other Taluks are Chengalpattu, Cheyyur, Madurantakam, Sriperumpudur, Tambaram, Thirukkalukundram, Uthiramerur, Alandur, Sholinganallur and Thiruporur.    
Some of the important persons in administration of Kancheepuram are:

District Collector
Shri. K. Baskaran I.A.S
Telephone: 044 -27237433, 27238478
Email: [email protected]

Tmt. T. Mythili
Address: No.4/99, Sekkupetai Nadu Theru Kancheepuram
Telephone: 9367708801/ 9443301106

Vice Chairman
Address: 286,Sengazhuneerodai Street
Telephone: 044-27224035/ 9080806367

Tmt.N.VIMALA, M.A., B.Ed.,
Telephone: 9367708802/ 044- 27222801
Email: [email protected]

There are six departments in Kancheepuram which are municipality General Administration/Personnel, revenue, accounts, engineering, Town planning and Public health.

Geography and Climate of Kancheepuram

Kancheepuram covers an area of 11.62 square km and is 83 m above the mean sea level. Owing to its proximity to the river, the type soil of Kancheepuram is mostly clay with also some loam and sand which are ideal for construction. Kancheepuram soils are not famous for its fertility, in fact they are stony rocky, mixed lime and granite. Kancheepuram is also prone to earthquakes as it falls in the seismic zone II region.

Like all other south Indian cities, Kancheepuram too has a hot and humid climate throughout the year, but is pleasant in the evening. Average temperature ranges from a maximum of 37.5 degrees Celcius between April and July to a minimum average of 20.5 degree celcius between December and February. Humidity in Kancheepuram ranges between 58 to 84 percent.

Economy of Kancheepuram

Economy of Kancheepuram

Kancheepuram’s economy mainly depends on silk industry, agriculture industry and tourism industry. Other industries supporting the economy of Kancheepuram are manufacturing industries (automobile, electrical goods, light machinery etc.), cotton industry etc.

Kancheepuram is famous for its Kancheepuram silk sarees. Kancheepuram silk industry is very old dating back to the 15th century during the rule of the Vijaynagara Empire. Kancheepuram weaves finest quality of silk sarees in India and has many silk weaving and handloom industries. This is the largest source of income to the economy of Kancheepuram that’s why Kancheepuram is known as the “Silk city” of India.

Though agriculture is not carried out in the Kancheepuram city, but it is the main occupation in the Kancheepuram district with almost 48 percent people engaged in agriculture. Agriculture products include groundnut, paddy, sugarcane, cereals, millets and pulses.

Kancheepuram has so many temples that it has been termed as the “Temple city” of India. Numerous devotees visit this city, be it a Hindu, Jain or Buddhist. Tourism industry is a major source of revenue generation in Kancheepuram.

Owing to its proximity to Chennai city and airport, good transport facilities, cheaper lands, good power facility there are many manufacturing industries being set up in Kancheepuram. Industries thriving in Kanchipuram are Hyundai and Ford in cars. Nokia, Samsung, Dell etc. in phones. Sona steering, Rane-TRW restraint systems, Brakes India, AUDCO etc in Auto parts. Saint Gobain of France in Float glass, leather industry, sugar industry and many more.

Places to visit in Kancheepuram

Places to visit in Kancheepuram

Whether you are an atheist or a theist a visit to Kancheepuram will heal your soul and keep your mind at peace. The enchanting mantras sound, the bells and the holy atmosphere will give you an experience worth remembering. Kancheepuram is mainly known for temples, though there are also many sanctuaries, water bodies to visit for tourists.

Kancheepuram is known as a city of thousand temples. Some of the temples worth visiting are Ekambaranathar temple, Vaikundaperumal temple, Kailasanathar temple, Varadaraja Perumal temple, Kamakshi Amman temple, Kumarakottam temple, Kachabeshwarar temple, 108 Vishnu temples etc. Other than temples, there are sanctuaries and water bodies such as Vedanthangal, Muttukadu, Mamallapuram, Covelong etc.

Services and utilities in Kancheepuram

Though Kancheepuram is not big a city as Chennai but you would get all the basic amenities and services here. There are many shopping centers like Arignar Anna Complex Railway Road, Arignar Anna Silk Co-operative Society Vallal Pachaiappan Street, ABS Shopping Complex
Sangusapet St etc.

Important Contact Numbers of Kancheepuram

Police station: 9842372600, 4546 27237720

Fire Station: 101, 4546 222899/ 4546 224126

Municipal office: 044-27222801

Railway Station: 4546 27223149

Cancer Hospital: Karapettai: 27264244

Electricity Board: 27222028/27238330

So whatever part of India you belong to, do come to Kancheepuram and be ready to be enchanted by the holy, pious atmosphere and lovely people here. Welcome to India, Welcome to Kancheepuram!
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