Business and Economy in Kancheepuram

Business in KancheepuramKancheepuram is located in Chennai, in the southern part of India. Kancheepuram has since long been the Holy city of India with almost thousand temples, slowly it is turning out to be a favorable business destination as well.  Mainly agriculture and silk industry sectors contribute to the economy of Kancheepuram. Another major industry contributing to the economy of Kancheepuram is the tourism industry. Known as the ‘temple city’ Kancheepuram is bestowed with a thousand temples. Other businesses thriving in Kancheepuram are manufacturing industry, IT industry, and sugar industry.

Kancheepuram as a Business City

Metropolitan cities like Chennai, Bangalore is slowly becoming saturated in terms of business, due to high cost of land and competition, and investors are looking for other cities like Kancheepuram for investement. Owing to its proximity to Chennai, Chennai International airport and two sea ports at Chennai and Ennore, Kancheepuram is an all-time profit zone.

The cost of land is moderate as compared to metro cities.

Kancheepuram is well connected through roads, which are the east coast road and the National Highways NH 4 and NH 45.

There are many industrial parks like Maraimalainagar, Irungattukottai, Alanthur, Sriperumbudur, Siruseri, Oragadam and Paranur which have promoted to the economy of the city.

Undeterred power supply across the city supplied by the North Madras Power Station and Kalpakkam Atomic Power Station.

Highly skilled manpower due to the presence of eminent education institutions near Kancheepuram.

Industries in Kancheepuram

Agriculture sector in Knacheepuram

Agriculture is the greatest contributor to Kancheepuram economy. Most of the population in Kancheepuram district is engaged in agriculture. Paddy is the most cultivated crop followed by groundnuts, pulses, cereals, millets etc. There are almost 50 modern rice mills which receive the input from the farmers and distributes to the market. Paddy grown in Kancheepuram is supplied to nearby cities of Tamil Nadu. Since the farmers depend on rice mills for right price and timely distribution, rice mills are very important and profitable venture to invest upon

Silk Industry in Kancheepuram

Silk industry is one of the oldest industry in Kancheepuram which can be traced back to 1014 when the then ruling King invited weavers to Kancheepuram. After the kingdom fell, the weavers decided to stay back and now the result is Kancheepuram silk saris are famous all over the world. Kancheepuram is fondly called as the silk city. Not only is the silk industry flourishing, but with it the silk and cotton yarn, twisting units and dyeing units, which provides materials to weave the Kancheepuram saris, also flourishes with it.

Tourism Industry in  Kancheepuram

This is one sector which resulted from direct blessings from God. Yes literally! Kancheepuram in ancient times had astonishingly more than one thousand temples, mostly of Hindu, Jain and Buddhists. That’s why Kancheepuram was also known as the ‘Temple city'. Now there are around 126 temples left in Kancheepuram and some more near to the city. But 126 temples in a single city is not something which can be taken lightly. In fact Kancheepuram is one of the 21 International tourism importance on earth. Every year millions of Indians from every region and foreigners visit this place. Kancheepuram is considered to one of the seven most sacred pilgrimage centers for Hindus.

Business and Economy in kancheepuramManufacturing Industry in Knacheepuram

Kancheepuram district has become one of the most rapidly industrialized districts in the whole country. There are car manufacturing units like Hyundai, Ford Motors  etc, Phone manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola etc, Auto parts manufacturers like Sona Steering, Rane-TRW restraint systems, DAEWHA, Brakes India, AUDCO etc. Like these there are float glass industry like Saint Gobain, air conditioners industry, Garment industry, IT industries like TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, pharmaceutical, chemical and dye industry and many more.

Entertainment Industry in Knacheepuram

Entertainment is a necessary medicine in today’s hectic life. All work and no play, quickens a person to gray. Kancheepuram is slowly catching up with other metros in entertainment sector, though there are no pubs, disco or nightclubs due to the place of religious value, but there are many theatres and movie multiplex halls in Kancheepuram. For pubs and discos one can easily reach Chennai or suburbs of Chennai which is not far from Kancheepuram.

Institutions in Kancheepuram promoting business

There are many institutions in Kancheepuram which facilitates business and investment by getting the needed clearances from various Government organizations. The District Industries Centre and the Single Window Committee headed by the Collector are such organizations. The single Window committee appoints all the district level officers necessary to handle the requests of entrepreneurs and minor and medium industries.
Other such institutions are:

Sipcot (State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu)
Sipcot was established on 1971 and since then it has established 19 Industrial Complexes in 12 districts and Seven Sector Specific Special Economic Zones (SEZs) across Tamil Nadu. It specifically helps in development of industries by providing basic infrastructural facilities.
Telephone: 044-2855 4787
Email: [email protected]
Business and economy in kancheepuramTIDCO (Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation)
Basic objective of TIDCO is to identify and promote the establishment of large and medium scale industries within the State of Tamil Nadu with help of private sector. It has established many IT parks and SEZs (special economic zones) in Tamil Nadu.

Telephone: 044 28588364
Email: [email protected]
TIIC (The Tamil Nadu Industrial Investment Corporation)
It is a state run financial corporation providing financial aids in the form of loans to micro, small, medium and large enterprises at low interest rates. Financial aid may be for setting up new industrial units, new machinery, expansion or modernization of current industry etc.
Telephone: 044-24331203
Email: [email protected]

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